The Eastern Fashion House Has Arrived in Style.

Create the perfect silhouette of understated luxury.

Hailing from Inner Mongolia, Siqin* captures Inner Mongolia's cultural influence in their contemporary, imaginative, and original collections. Sophisticated and modern lines crafted from rich natural fabrics are the essence of Siqin’s designs.

Siqin invites you to immerse yourself in a world of flowy linens, revered mulberry silks, soft cottons, luxurious goatskin leathers, and world-renowned soft cashmere from Inner-Mongolia. 

Searching for the softest fabrics, Siqin prides itself on providing clients with an extraordinary collection that is chic, contemporary, and effortlessly stylish.

We invite you to experience Siqin near the United States capital at Tysons Galleria.

*In case you were curious, Siqin is pronounced sih-chin. Now you can impress everyone with your Mongolian language skills.


Adventurous Greets Tender

Thoughtfully crafted & Visually Enchanting.

Inner Mongolia's cultural influence and iconic style are captured in Siqin's contemporary, imaginative, and original lines. The relaxed collection creates the perfect silhouette of understated luxury and timeless elegance.

Fusing rich, natural fabrics, with modern and innovative designs, Siqin offers a fresh and sophisticated collection. Siqin is ideal for the woman seeking to create a unique and exquisite wardrobe. Siqin's simple yet elegant lines are reminiscent of the flowing winds of the Mongolian plains, the homeland of the founders, who wish to share their cultural heritage with the world.

Be the best dressed leading lady in the story of you.

Bold. Feminine. Confident.

Wherever your adventures take you, you are sure to arrive in style when dressed in Siqin.

The unique pieces from our imaginative and innovative designers are crafted with you in mind. Soft, sensual, and absolutely sumptuous, Siqin’s collection oozes with the proverbial je ne sais quoi.

Modern lines are fused with rich natural fabrics to bring you a wardrobe that is simply impeccable. The kaleidoscope of Siqin’s ultra-luxurious designs is as visually stunning as it is cozy. Fluid flirts with Avant-Garde in this collection, giving you a style that is effortlessly glamorous.

Siqin is the perfect traveling companion whether you’re commuting daily to the urban garden or jet setting to your favorite exotic destinations. With Siqin, you will embrace comfort and timeless beauty with a single look.

Relax in to your best self when draped in Siqin.